Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Tropic Like It’s Hot!

After a couple of years that featured social distancing and staying inside a lot more than we’re used to, it feels great to get out into the world again. With a new spring in our step and summer right around the corner, fashion houses are embracing that feeling and reflecting it right back into their summer lines.

Wide leg printed pants

So, as travel opens up and fun in the sun is back on the agenda, it’s no surprise that tropical fashion is the order of the day. Up and down runways, the tropic trend is in full swing. From vibrant colors to bold prints, there are a million ways to incorporate tropical style fashion into your closet.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Read on for some tropical outfit inspiration for every style!

Flowy and Fabulous: Bohemian Tropical Fashion

Paisley printed midi wrap skirt

There are plenty of ways to incorporate cute tropical outfits into an existing aesthetic. One style that’s been dominating fashion for quite some time now is bohemian chic.

Luckily, the flowing lines and whimsical nature of bohemian fashion lends itself perfectly to staple pieces such as tropical summer dresses. If your boho skirts, tops, or dresses are feeling a little too flat, add a tropical touch like a vibrant paisley print wrap skirt.

Kimono Printed Maxi Dress

Tropical prints over a flowy bohemian cut are the way to wear maxi dresses and stay on trend this season. Tropical brings sandy beaches and palm trees to mind, and nothing goes better with that setting than a simple, split skirt maxi dress in white with an ocean blue print.

Bold and Beautiful Prints

Printed halter jumpsuit

While there are tons of ways to wear a tropical theme outfit, there’s no denying that vibrant, colorful prints are a big part of the look.

A lot of what you’ll see in this year’s collections focuses on prints. The best part is that prints are so diverse that you’ll find a print size and color scheme to match any taste, meaning fashion queens of all styles and aesthetics can find tropical outfit ideas.

Surplice palm printed jumpsuit

When it comes to the tropical trend, prints tend to focus on nature, particularly the type of flora that you find in tropical locations. Think lush jungles, vibrant flowers, ocean views, and sandy beaches. From florals to palm trees and leaves, a tropical print dress, skirt, or jumpsuit can be as bold or subtle as you like. It all comes down to the color combos. Typically, the trend is

appearing as full print, but you can also look for items with smaller sections of print such as at the ends of sleeves.

For example, a large print in reds of different shades over a white background works perfectly on a party-time tropical dress. Or you might prefer a more unusual pattern, such as a palm print, but take it down a notch with the color to a muted sage green. For a pretty, feminine take on the tropical print, look for a slightly smaller print size in neutral cream on a soft, pastel background.

A Touch of Tropical: Accessories

Wide brim straw hat beige

With big, bold prints, you need the right accessories to elevate the tropical look even further and add the perfect finishing touches. You can choose bold accessories that bring out the colors of the print or stick with more neutral and natural tones.

Hopping on the trend can be as simple as adding a wide brim straw hat to your look. Opt for a frayed effect to maximize the tropical beach vibes.

Waverly textured tote

Speaking of straw, natural materials and handmade effects such as woven accessories are big when it comes to tropical fashion. You can keep it subtle with neutral tones or you can look out for bags and hats that add a splash of color.

For example, this woven textured tote is the perfect addition for your tropical beach dresses to tie the whole look together. Or, if you’re looking for something to add with a tropical formal dress, look for woven clutches with intricate patterns and added gold detail.

Making a Splash Bright & Vibrant Colors

Floral tiered maxi dress

One of our favorite things about tropical fashion is the opportunity to add color to our closets—and lots of it!

You’ll find tons of color in the big, bold prints that go hand in hand with tropical outfits. You can go for a single color or try prints that incorporate different shades into the pattern. Or why not go all-out and add pieces with two-tone or multi-color prints?

Tropical is just as much about bright, natural color as it is prints. Think of exotic flowers and tropical green forests for inspiration. Take this light and voluminous maxi dress. The raspberry foundation is a gorgeous backdrop for the floral print, and the simple silhouette is perfectly complemented by the subtle tier of the skirt.

Fashion Meets Comfort

Short sleeve wrap maxi dress

Whether you’re headed for a sandy beach, heading off to a festival, or planning a couple of road trips, you’ll be glad to hear that tropical is here for comfortable casual wear just as much as formal pieces.

The best tropical vacation outfit takes all the flair of fashion trends like wide legs and sleeves, the comfort of light and loose fabric, and the prints and color of the tropical trend for a fit that feels fabulous all day.

Rompers suit

Look for relatively unstructured dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers in light fabrics with palm prints and vibrant colors to get the best of both worlds. 

Shop Tropical Wear at Miss Match

Strapless palm printed maxi dress

Ready to get your tropical wardrobe started? You’ll find everything you need to get the tropical look in your summer closet right here at Miss Match. Check out our Destination Awaits collection for bold prints, bright colors, tropical accessories, and a fashion-forward summer aesthetic.