office chic: the day to night guide

Office Chic: The Day-to-Night Guide

Whether you work a high-profile corporate job or a more relaxed gig, your office wardrobe can speak volumes about your personality and professionalism. Plus, the right office outfit can help you stand out at after-work drinks or corporate events. Check out our day-to-night guide for styling tips!


Why Dress Chic for the Office?

Who says that your work clothes have to blend in? Showcasing your style both in the office and after work can help you increase your confidence while providing comfort during a long shift.

What if you have an after-work date or a night out with friends? The right chic work outfit can easily be revamped into a night look. You only need the right makeup and accessories to transform your professional look into something completely different and unique.

Remember that dressing chic is a way to showcase your personality through your wardrobe. The chic office style might be for you if you do not conform to the dark pants and gray blouses that many people (unfortunately) wear to work.

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Why Are Trousers the Fashion Statement for Nightlife?

Before, it was jeans, and everyone had them. Many women are now ditching jeans for something more stylish: trousers. Women’s business casual pants are becoming highly trendy lately. These pants are more comfortable and elegant, creating a better professional image while remaining stylish and chic.

You can combine trousers with blouses, blazers, tops, and other chic accessories to create a unique yet acceptable work look. Depending on the color and design, you can even revamp your outfit for a night out with friends after work. Black blazers and pink blazers will be your best allies for this style.

Trousers the Fashion Statement


Tips for Styling Your Office Chic Look

You’ll first need to invest in the perfect trousers. These pants are the pinnacle of women’s business clothes because of how comfortable and stylish they can be.

Once you have classy yet cute trousers, it’s time to pick a statement top. Think of fun details like puffy sleeves, laced designs, sleeveless blouses, ruffles, patterns, and colorful pieces.

Next, you will need some standout accessories to accentuate your look. We always recommend comfortable and cute heels or sometimes a loose belt or a tie.

If you like watches, why not choose a chunky model that shows off your chic attitude and style? You can throw on an eye-catching hat when commuting to create a different look that turns heads in and outside the office.

For handbags, we recommend using neutral colors to maintain an image of professionalism. You can then add some simple jewelry to your outfit to create a timeless chic statement, such as gold earrings and necklaces.Β 

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How to Bring Your Office Chic to Your Night Looks: Additional Styling Tips

Makeup is one of the best ways to differentiate your chic work style from your casual style. To easily transition between day and night looks, keep a small makeup bag in your purse for quick glam. Red lip gloss, shadow and blush, some mascara, and perfume can all give your look a refresh.

You might also consider keeping a change of tops with you at all times. That way, when needed, you can simply swap shirts to change your style without much effort. The jewelry you use can also make a big impact, so keep extra jewelry in your purse if possible.

We also recommend wearing a cute bralette or sleeveless crop top underneath your work shirt. You can remove the top after work and leave it in your car if you are going out right after work. A cross-back or corset top is also a good idea to make your outfit pop at after-work events.

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