Neutral Colors: Another Women's Fashion Trend

Neutral Colors: Another Fashion Trend

A new season is always fun but, as most girls know, it can also be tricky to keep up with what’s trending from one season to the next.

Fall trends can change drastically from year to year, but, if you’ve done your 2021 research, you’ll most likely know about fall 2021’s neutral fashion trend. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing neutral colors this fall!


What Are Neutral Colors?

Neutral colors have minimal color or are elegantly set to complement the environment, climate, and season you are in. Outfits or items are generally considered neutral if they carry earth tones and, typically, if they have simple lines and silhouettes or have only a small amount of color.

Examples of neutral tones include black, gray, brown, beige, and cream. Colors that fall into the more “natural” category and are super toned down, in terms of their hue, can also be considered neutral—for example, a very muted and dark mossy green.


How Are Neutral Colors Appearing in Fashion?

Neutral colors in this year’s fashion are typically simple-to-wear earthy, cozy, and elegant colors. From a fashionista’s perspective this isn’t surprising, as clothing in an earth tone color carries longevity and looks good year after year.

So, how are neutral colors making an appearance in fashion trends this year?


Back to Black

Black is always a staple, but it’s making a particular comeback this fall. You’ll find black-based outfits in statement or staple pieces or in edgy accessories. Whether it’s a boyfriend blazer or a full jumpsuit, you’ll find plenty of black options for your wardrobe staples. You’ll also find black options to suit any style. Whether you like a loose fit and some whimsical ruffles or a sleek, bodycon look, there are tops, dresses, jackets, and skirts in black this fall to suit any aesthetic.

Leather Mini Skirt- Black

Whole Latte Brown

What’s even more prominent this fall is the use of brown tones, particularly lighter tones of brown such as latte and variations of beige. The best part of using shades of brown clothing is how versatile it is, even when the clothes are layered over each other. Add a trendy brown blazer over a cream top and denim pants, and all you’ll need is a small pop of color in your accessories.

Leather Blazer-Brown


Gray is so easy to wear, and it seems to make a comeback almost every year for that exact reason. This year’s grays are light and luminous, and you’ll find them in dresses and all over knits and outerwear. Stone colors that contain soft hues are another great option for wearing neutral gray tones this fall. Think a soft gray with a hint of mauve in a cardigan, a pair of leggings, or your accessories, and you’ll get the idea.

Maxi Dress- Gray

Matchy Matchy

It might feel like neutral tones are nothing new, and that’s true, but one of the most exciting ways people are wearing neutral colors this year are in coordinated sets that double down on the same neutral tones or similar shades. From patterned beige pant suits to a matching dress and sweater combo, you’ll spot this trend everywhere. Just be warned that you might need to get serious about your accessories to pull off a look this bold!

Katie Soft Hooded Sweater Jacket- Beige


Essential Neutrals from Miss Match Collections

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