Knitwear Knockout: Hot Knitwear Trends for 2022

Knitwear Knockout: Hot Knitwear Trends for 2022

Fall is upon us, bringing the chance to shake up your wardrobe. Instead of the same old boring jackets and blazers, why not try something different?

Knitwear, including knitted dresses and sweaters, is one of this year’s biggest fall trends. These knitted pieces are comfortable and fashionable, making them perfect for fall and winter alike!

Knit Sweater Outfits for This 2022 Fall

Marissa color block long sleeve cardigan

With the temperature dropping, there’s no better time to invest in some knitted sweaters to complement your day-to-day outfits. Knitted sweater outfits and fall go hand in hand, just like summer and dresses. So, if you haven’t added them yet to your wardrobe, what are you waiting for?

For instance, our Marissa Color Block Long-Sleeve Cardigan is a chic option with a comfortable design you can wear at work, school, or casual outings. You can combine this cute and cozy cardigan with a tank top and denim jeans to make the perfect fall casual outfit!

Fashion Tips for Knitted Sweaters!

Brittany mock neck cutout sweater

Here are the best ways to style your knitwear:

  • Style your sweater with denim or a jean jacket for a casual, cozy look. The coat will make you look edgy and modern, while the sweater keeps you comfortable and protected from the cold.
  • Khaki pants are a perfect match for knitted sweaters. It is the ideal combo for a casual and playful event.
  • Knitted sweaters are cute and chic, so adding a pair of floral pants can be an excellent combo. This look is the perfect option if you like showcasing your unique personality!

Alternative Knit Fashion

Marisol two toned long sleeve midi dress orange

Sweaters are not the only knitted options available this fall. If you prefer something more unique and chic, you can add some knitted dresses or tops to your wardrobe. Mixing and matching pieces can truly show off your personality this fall.

Here are some essential knitwear pieces to add to your fall wardrobe:

  • Knit Dresses: Although they aren’t as popular as other dress designs, knitted dresses are cute and fashionable fall outfits. For instance, our Coraline Mock Neck, Marisol MIDI, and Brooklyn Knit MIDI dresses can elevate your fall outfits while keeping you cozy and warm.
  • Cutout Knits: Cutout knits are beautifully designed while remaining comfortable to wear. Our Josie Side Cutout and Hayden Sleeveless Crop are two unique options you can easily elevate with the right pants and shoes.
  • Staple Knits: Staple knits are casual pieces that you can turn into killer outfits with the right denim jeans and accessories. You can also style them with a jacket or blazer if you want a more formal look. Our Riley Turtle Neck Top is a versatile option that comes in a beautiful skin tone.
  • Skirt Knits: Skirt knits are essential additions to your fall wardrobe. They are cute and chic, making them invaluable with the right tops. Check out our Morgan MIDI Skirt for a versatile piece you can style with heels or boots.

Styling Tips for Knitted Outwear

Alexis knitted trench coat cardigan brown

Knitted outwear is essential for your fall wardrobe. However, without complementary accessories, you might struggle to shine and stand out.

To enhance a knitted outwear outfit, you need the following pieces:

  • Combine your knitwear with a pair of trousers. This look is perfect when you need a more formal outfit for work or a social event.
  • Jeans and knitted outwear, like sweaters or crop tops, are the casual queens of fall outfits. This combo is comfortable and stylish, easily enhanced by the right shoes and accessories.
  • Jewelry and knitted outerwear might sound like an odd combination. However, choosing statement jewelry can enhance your knitted style and chicness. Delicate jewelry, for example, is a perfect choice.
  • Fall is all about footwear. Boots and heels are, in our opinion, the best options for knitted outerwear. Slip on boots for daytime looks, and then transition to heels for nighttime gatherings!

Find the Perfect Knitwear for Your Fall Wardrobe with Miss Match

Morgan rib knit side slit midi skirt rust

Are you looking for the most fashionable knitted dresses and sweaters? Then, look no further than the fashion experts at Miss Match. Our Autumn Breeze Collection has all the knitted outwear you’ll need to keep your wardrobe stylish and warm. From knitted dresses and sweaters to much-needed accessories, we’ve got it all!