Keep Warm This Fall with These Outerwear Pieces

Keep Warm This Fall with These Outerwear Pieces

 Is there a better time of year than fall? While we love our summer shorts and bikinis, fall fashion definitely gets us in the mood to cozy up and shop for some new layers. Pulling out your favorite sweaters or adding some new fall outerwear to your wardrobe is one of the best parts of the changing seasons.

While your old favorites might serve you well, fall outerwear trends change from year to year, just like the seasons. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some key outerwear pieces that should find their way into your closet this fall.



Just because the weather cools off slightly doesn’t mean you need to completely leave the whimsy of summer behind. Selecting some fall outerwear pieces with fringe adds a bohemian feel to all types of jackets and other outwear.

From fringed leather to denim jackets, you can go as full-on or as subtle as you like in terms of the amount and length of fringe on your outerwear. Look for leather-trimmed sleeves, for example, or fringe on the lapels of a denim jacket. Plus, if the weather is still pretty warm heading into fall, a fringed jacket looks fabulous over a summer dress!

Women's Fringe Off White Jacket



Those big, bold, beautiful Aztec prints are back with a bang this fall—and we’re so glad! There’s something about an Aztec cardigan that makes you want to curl up with a good book while the leaves turn and tumble from the trees.

Plus, while the print is universal, you can find an Aztec outerwear garment to suit any style. You could go for a jacket in full Aztec print, or why not try a shacket with the print isolated to the arms? While bold colors like reds and blues are often associated with Aztec prints, you can also opt for the style in neutral tones or soft pastels.

Women's Aztec Shacket



Dressing for fall can be tricky, especially in warmer climates. The weather can be pretty changeable, so knowing whether to add a heavy cardigan or a light jacket before you leave the house in the morning can be a challenge.

Denim outerwear for fall is a perfect solution. It’s easy to carry around if the weather gets warm enough to take it off, but it’s enough cover to keep away an autumn chill too. You can go for a classic blue denim jacket and choose from a range of shades, or you can opt for black if that’s your jam. Either way, you’ll be adding a super versatile and trendy fall staple to your looks.

Women's Light Wash Denim Jean Jacket



Shackets are sometimes called overshirts. They’re big and comfy and the perfect combination of shirt and jacket to layer over your fall looks. Shackets are available in a huge range of colors, prints, and patterns, so you’ll find one to suit any look or style.

If you’re looking for something to throw over light fall layers, a shacket goes great over graphic tees and skinny jeans or a midi length dress.

Women's Tan Textured Shacket


Faux Leather Jackets

If denim or shackets aren’t your thing, a leather jacket is a classic look and another way to add some light coverage when a fall chill creeps into the air. Whether you’re hitting the town on the weekend or grabbing some drinks after work, faux leather fall jackets can complement both formal and casual wear.

This season, collarless faux leather jackets are in, and they’re available in lots of colors. You can opt for classic black or go for a nice pastel color to lighten the tone. For an edgier look, try a studded or finger leather jacket.

Women's Faux Leather Jackets



For the ultimate variety in material, fit, length, and color, blazers are the way to go. Adding a couple of these beauties to your wardrobe is a great way to mix and match with many different types of outfits in the fall.

If you’re going for skinny jeans and boots, an oversized boyfriend blazer is just the ticket. On the other hand, you can look for statement buttons, pastel colors, or a double-breasted blazer.

Blazers are perfect for transition weather. They’re just enough to cover up without overheating if the sun is still beating down.

Women's Tan Faux Leather Blazers



No matter what bottoms or shoes you’re featuring in your looks, there are some fall classics that will simply never go out of style. Cardigans and sweaters are a staple of fall fashion, but trends do change from year to year.

So, when it comes to classic fall items like sweaters and cardigans, what top trends should you be keeping an eye out for this year?



For a real statement piece this fall, why not try a long-length Aztec-print cardigan? You can even add in a hood for an extra cozy touch! Alternatively, a soft open cardigan in neutral or pastel tones is a super versatile piece too.

The best part about cardigans is that they’re easy to pair with warmer clothes. If you’re still rocking shorts and sandals while the weather holds up, a slouchy open cardigan is the perfect fall touch.

Women's Cardigan Sweater



There’s no end to variety in terms of the shapes, styles, prints, and materials you can find for sweaters. This season, look out for cut-out sweaters, wide sleeves, pleated sleeves, and fringe to make sure your sweater look is right on trend.  

Women's Turtleneck Sweater


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Fall outerwear trends incorporate some of the same staples, such as blazers and sweaters, every year, but trends do change and adding a few new outerwear pieces is a great way to revamp your fall wardrobe.  If you’re looking for chic new fall outerwear, why not browse our full collection online? Whether you’re looking for a shacket or cardigan, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.