Wearing a Shacket: The Absolute Perfect Layering Piece

Wearing a Shacket: The Absolute Perfect Layering Piece

Outerwear trends can change pretty drastically from one year to the next, but, if you do your research, you’ll know that shackets are the absolute must-have outerwear piece for fall and winter this year.

Shackets are available in a ton of styles and sizes, so knowing how to wear a shacket is important before you go stocking up your closet.


Types of Shackets

Oversized Shacket

Shackets are the ultimate layering piece. They look great over just about any type of outfit. If you’re looking to layer up, an oversized jacket is just the thing.

Oversized Womens Jacket


Plaid Shacket

Since a shacket goes great over other fall and winter fashion pieces, it’s no surprise that you’ll find lots of variations of plaid. If you already know you’re looking for plaid, it’s just a matter of choosing the color, fit, and material you prefer.

Womens Plaid Shacket


Colorblock Shacket

It’s always handy to have something a little more simple to hand, especially if you’re planning to layer it over a patterned top or dress. Colorblock shackets make your outerwear that little bit more versatile and wearable.

Colorblock Shacket


Aztec Print Shacket

If you like an Aztec print, you’ll love the range of Aztec shackets available. Choose a soft pastel or bright jewel tones and you’ll have a beautiful, eye-catching statement piece.

Womens Aztec Shacket


How to Wear

With a dress

Whether you’ve got a long hemline or a mini dress, the shacket is a great way to layer over lighter pieces throughout fall and winter. Try a colorblock option over a patterned dress or an Aztec print over a neutral color mini dress.

Woman Wearing a Dress with a Shacket


Over a graphic tee

Graphic tees can sometimes look a little too casual on their own. Adding a shacket over your tee is a great way to highlight the graphic and add a more trendy look to your outfit.

Women Wearing a Shacket Over a Graphic Tee


Denim jeans

Whether you’re adding a bold Aztec print shacket or a soft plaid, any type looks incredible over a pair of skinny denim jeans. Try a corduroy shacket with your jeans for a rustic fall look.

Denim Jeans


Be bold & add faux leather

You typically think of soft fabrics when it comes to shackets, but you can instantly update the look for a more formal aesthetic with a faux leather jacket or skirt. They look fantastic over anything from jeans to dresses, and you still have lots of color options to choose from.

Woman Wearing a Plaid Shacket With Faux Leather Skirt


Accessorize with a hat

An oversized shacket with a fedora? Sounds like the perfect chic and cozy look! Use hats to take your shacket to the next level and switch up your looks.

Woman Wearing a Shacket with a Fedora Hat


Choosing the Right Shacket

Like any new item for your closet, it’s best to do some shopping around before you buy so you know you’re buying the right shacket for you. Browse our collection of shackets online at Miss Match for the most trendy shacket options around.