Emerald Green - A Gem of a Color

Emerald Green: A Gem of a Color

Have you spotted the emerald green fashion trend that’s been cropping up everywhere lately? Well, so have we, and we are officially in love. Neutral tones are a great way to establish a base for the rest of your outfit, but there’s something about jewel tones like an emerald green color that scream festive glam.

So, whether you’re looking to add some colorful tones to your holiday party outfits or more casual ways to incorporate emerald green this season, here are some ideas for wearing it with style.


The Ultimate Winter 2021 Trend: Emerald Green

Green can be a tricky color to pull off, especially when it comes to pastels and bright shades of green, but emerald green is a color trend that suits almost any complexion, skin tone, and hair color. Its darker tone also makes it easy to pair with gold or silver jewelry and suitable for matching with a wide range of shades when it comes to shoes and accessories too.

The main way you’ll spot this trend in this year’s fashion is in your core wardrobe pieces, particularly as a block color on party dresses.  An emerald green dress is the perfect way to make a splash this winter, and you have plenty of options to choose from, no matter your style.


Cocktail Dresses

Forget about the little black dress this year. An emerald green cocktail dress is perfect for lots of different holiday occasions. It’s the perfect look for heading out for an office holiday party, attending Christmas dinner with your family, or hitting the town with your friends. The shade is the perfect combination of bright eye-catching color and sultry depth.

Women's Emerald Cocktail Dresses


Satin Dresses

Satin is still reigning supreme when it comes to glamorous evening looks this year. Combine the sheen of the material with a bold jewel tone, and you're on to a festive winner. An emerald green silk dress is the perfect way to combine two top trends this winter. Pair your emerald satin dress with a gold statement necklace and a pair of simple black heels to elevate the look to the next level.

Women's Emerald Satin Dress


Midi Dresses

Another trend that is sticking around this year is midi length dresses. If you’re looking for something in between a more casual look and full-blown black tie, an emerald green midi dress gives you the best of both worlds. Look out for extra details such as ruffles or an asymmetrical line to really mix things up.

Women's Emerald Midi Dress


Maxi Dresses

Some holiday occasions call for something a little extra. If you have a super formal event on your calendar (or if “Extra” is just your middle name), then an emerald green long dress is the one for you. Stick with satin materials to keep the look modern but classy too. If you’re looking for a way to break up the block of color, aim for a low neckline so a statement necklace can really stand out.

Women's Emerald Maxi Dress


Shop for Glam Emerald Green Looks Today

It’s official: we’re obsessed with emerald green. If you are too, it’s time to get shopping! Make sure your closet is fully stocked with all the emerald looks you’re after this festive season.

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