Be a Trailblazer This Fall Style Your Blazer with These 3 Looks

Be a Trailblazer This Fall: Style Your Blazer with These 3 Looks

Pumpkin-spiced lattes aren’t the only things that make a comeback in the fall. It’s also the perfect time to start pulling out sweaters and boots and adding layers and versatility back into your daily look.

Even though you might be opting for some cozier choices in the fall season, there is still a lot you can do to keep your looks classy and elegant. One of the number one ways to do this is by stocking up on a timeless wardrobe staple: the blazer.

Blazers are one of the most versatile pieces you can use to dress up (or dress down) an outfit. Whether you’re heading to the office or the bar, a blazer is a classic fashion canvas on which you can paint your individual aesthetic.

Not sure how to style a blazer the way you’d like? Here are some fall 2021 blazer trends that are truly iconic!

Style Your Blazer with These 3 Looks


1. Layer Over a Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a fun way to add a retro or whimsical touch to your outfit. The overall look depends on which bottoms and accessories you add. Graphic tees can act as the focus of an edgy casual look. Or they can make the perfect base for a transition from daytime casual to after-work drinks.

When you feel as though your graphic tee needs something a little extra to finish the look, a blazer is the perfect addition. Depending on your individual style and the color scheme of your t-shirt, you could opt for a faux brown leather blazer or a classic cream or white.

After that, it’s up to you! There are tons of different ways to wear a blazer. For some added character or to wear a blazer that complements your aesthetic, consider:

  • Ruched sleeves
  • Large buttons
  • Tweed patterned fabrics
  • Matching your blazer color to your slip dress
  • Belted blazers to cinch the waist

Pay attention to the fit of your graphic tee and how you’re wearing it before selecting a blazer. For example, a slim fit graphic tee tucked into high-waisted jeans is a look that simply cries out for a trendy boyfriend blazer layered on top.

Add accessories to update the look.

Most of the blazers you’ll see this fall will be single blocks of color, so your outfit might need an extra few touches to fully modernize the look. Since plain and simple is usually the order of the day when you’re adding a blazer over a patterned graphic tee, any existing accessories you already have can be combined to add some flair.

When thinking accessories for your graphic tee and blazer, consider:

  • Oversized sunnies
  • Large statement earrings
  • Mini bag (cross body or clutch)

As with most outfits, your accessories are a great opportunity to stamp the look with your own individual aesthetic. If you’re not sure which accessories to add, try mixing and matching until you’re satisfied with the end results.


Anna Linen Boyfriend Blazer


2. Pair with Denim Jeans

Fall is probably the biggest jeans season there is. They go perfectly with changeable weather and can be paired with so many different types of shoes and tops. When it comes to how to wear a blazer, women often default to jeans. In the past, you might have reserved your “jeans and blazer” look for a pair of dark skinny jeans, but why limit yourself? Blazers go great with any style and cut of jeans.

Pair jeans and blazer cuts carefully.

The one thing to pay close attention to is length and shape. That applies to both your jeans and your blazer. Boyfriend jeans with a longer, slouchier blazer? Maybe, maybe not. Yet switch those jeans out for straight cut or skinny, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Check out more blazer outfit ideas:

Dress up with a turtleneck and combat boots.

If you favor an edgier style, this is a great way to formalize your blazer look over a pair of jeans. Think slim fit turtlenecks and chunky combat boots. This type of styling works for parties, work events, and day-to-day dressing alike. Oversized blazers and tailored blazers can work equally well here too.

Dress down with a graphic tee and tennis shoes.

We all have those outfits that just need something a little extra to make them pop. Casual outfits are instantly elevated with the addition of a blazer. Add a boyfriend blazer over your graphic tee tucked into high-waisted jeans, and you’re good to go!


Anna Linen Boyfriend Blazer - Pink


3. Oversized Blazer (Pantsuit Look)

What is an oversized blazer?

Don’t get this trend confused with your boyfriend blazer. While boyfriend blazers have a slouchier, longer look, oversized blazers are big in the shoulders, the arms, and often the length. In fact, the trend seems to have started through women buying blazers in the men’s department to achieve that oversized look.

How do you style oversized blazers?

Oversized blazers don’t always have to go with slim-fitting bottoms. They can also be the cherry on top of a pair of straight leg, flowy pants. This is the perfect way to go for that updated “pantsuit” look, especially if you have some flowy pants that you’re not sure how to style.

If your blazer and pants are oversized and flowy, try minimizing everything else. Think crop tops under the blazer and minimal jewelry. Statement earrings can go great with this look, but keep the neck bare.


Colette Single Button Blazer- Rose

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