Tips For Throwing a Boho Picnic

7 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Boho Picnic Party

There ain’t no party like an outdoor party, and there ain’t no outdoor party like a boho picnic.

The good news is that a boho picnic is easily achievable, no matter the size of your party or the budget you’re working with. Like all good event design, the devil is in the details. But with a few key tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have the most Instagrammable bohemian picnic.

So, without further ado, here are 7 boho picnic party ideas for a romantic and artistic vibe to your outdoor event.

Boho Picnic Party


1. Flowers

For some looks, the key is “less is more.” Not so much with a bohemian vibe. The boho look is all about patterns and abundance and—you guessed it—flower power. Flowers add that touch of dreamy, hippy quality to your boho backyard party. When picking your flowers, think of wildflowers and berries along with soft pastel colors. Popular boho flower choices include lavender, roses, and daisies.


2. Decor

Bohemian decor is generally rustic and vintage in style. Your party decorations should look as if they’ve been saved from an attic rather than polished to the hilt. For example, your picnic table could be an old steamer trunk or a driftwood style table. Other easy boho decor ideas include:

  • Fairy lights
  • Lanterns
  • Scattered rose petals
  • Vintage jars
  • Woody centrepieces using twigs and greens
  • Patterned table runners


3. Dishes & Silverware

From delicate floral china patterns to colored, embossed glasses, there is no limit to your choices of dishes and silverware for a boho picnic. The main thing is to stay away from sharp lines and minimalist design, opting instead for soft shapes and designs.


4. Food

Draw inspiration from commune life when it comes to setting a bohemian party table for your guests. Traditional bohemian dishes mainly originate from the area now known as the Czech Republic. To this you can add vegetarian selections. You’ll find boho recipes incorporate farm fresh ingredients like potatoes, cabbage, onions, mushrooms, and lots of herbs and spices. Try a wine-infused Hungarian Goulash made with seitan or tempeh instead of meat to delight the vegans in the crowd.


5. Low Tables

Keeping a relaxed atmosphere is key when throwing a boho backyard party. Rather than formal dining tables and chairs, why not go for low tables placed over large picnic rugs?


6. Seating Cushions

Similarly, your seating can be far more casual and comfortable with a boho picnic set up. Add some large scatter cushions around your low tables where your guests can relax.


7. Add a Style Guide for Your Guests

Making sure your guests understand the theme and are dressed accordingly means:

  • Your guests will feel comfortable when they arrive in accordance with the theme.
  • Everyone’s photos will be out of this world.

Providing a short style guide for your guests ahead of the events is a win-win for everyone!


Patterns & prints

Include a collage or mood board of various patterns and prints that your guests can use for style inspiration. This can include anything that has a paisley, aztec, floral or exotic print. You can also include a color palette to keep the aesthetic consistent. However it is not uncommon to see boho clothing pieces that have mix-matched prints or patterns on them.

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Flowy items

Add in a few outfit inspiration ideas to your style guide. Show your guests the type of flowy garments that will add to the vibe, such as:

  • Flowing jumpsuits
  • Swing style mini dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Peasant tops

 Women's Flowy Tops



The right accessories can take even a simple maxi dress to next-level bohemian chic. Include some accessory ideas in your style guide, such as:

  • Wide brim hats
  • Statement earrings with lots of beads and patterns
  • Multi-layered, long necklaces
  • Beaded or woven handbags

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Get Your Boho Party Started

Make sure you’re the bohemian belle of the ball at your event. Browse our Bohemian Dreamin’ clothing and accessories collection for the ultimate style inspiration for your bohemian backyard picnic today.