Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion

Beach bums might be sad to see the summer fade into fall, but for those of us who love layering up with jackets and cozying up with sweaters, itโ€™s the perfect season!

When it comes to the summer to fall transition, fashion takes a sharp turn from shorts to sweaters. That means organizing your wardrobe and your outfit selection accordingly. So, here are some top tips for looking and feeling your best when moving from summer to autumn outfits.

Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion


Items to Put Away

Straw Accessories

Sun hats are perfect for the sun, but they can look out of place in the fall, especially when you start to update the rest of your outfits with more season-appropriate pieces.

Bright Colors

While thereโ€™s nothing wrong with a splash of color no matter the season, being fall-ready is all about blocks of neutral tones and color palettes to reflect the changing time of year.


Even if you live in a place where the weather makes shorts an option all year round, they donโ€™t scream โ€œfall.โ€ So put those shorts away to truly commit to fall fashion!


Transition to Longer Length Dresses

One of the best parts about fall is getting to play around with different skirts and bottom lengths. Midi dresses or a maxi dress with a pair of boots and wide-brimmed hat are the perfect boho look for fall. Plus, lighter fabrics mean you can pull this off even if the sun is lingering around and keeping the weather warm. Add a leather or denim jacket on top and youโ€™re good to go!

Marina Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress- Olive


Bring Out Your Dark Full-Length Denim

Summer is the time for white jeans and light blue denim, but the fall gives you the opportunity to pull out those moodier, dark denim pieces for casual fall outfits. Get yourself a pair of dark full-length denim jeans for the perfect autumnal look. Rich, dark blues are perfect for pairing with brown boots, or you can choose a classic plain black skinny jean.


Add Blouses to Your Wardrobe

Blouses are the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe and one of the most versatile pieces you can buy. Choose from different sleeve lengths, patterns, and fits for blouses that will go with any bottoms and any occasion.

Hailey Cotton Button Down Top


Utilize Layers

The arrival of fall doesnโ€™t always mean the temperature suddenly plummets, so items that are easy to layer are a great way to achieve a fall look without overheating in sweaters and jackets.


From short, light cardigans to cozy shackets, there are lots of ways to incorporate a cardigan into your fall outfits. For a boho look, why not try a fun print in autumn shades to go over your jeans and boots?


Vests are a great base around which you can build your fall look. Tank tops go with any skirt or jeans, and you can layer a blouse, cardigan, or any type of jacket on top.


Adding a jacket in the fall season can be tricky. You might find yourself pulling it on and off all the time depending on the weather, but a blazer can be light enough to keep you cool while maintaining the perfect fall look. Whether you go for a classic black, something lighter in a white or cream, or a fun pattern, blazers are great for adding over skinny jeans or a long dress.


They disappeared off the scene for a while, but turtlenecks are back and more stylish than ever. Pair with a pair of jeans, boots, and a blazer, and youโ€™ve got a seriously sleek fall outfit on your hands. Add a chain on top or a pair of big earrings to accessorize.

ย Eileen Soft Open Front Cardigan- Gray



Fall accessorizing is less about jewelry and more about dramatic statement items of clothing. Keep your jewelry simple and understated and pull out the big guns for items such as:

  • Scarves
  • Wide-brim hats
  • Big handbags
  • Tights in different colors and patterns


Boots Are a Fall Staple

Heeled or flat, many of us are guilty of adding a ton of boot options to our fall wardrobe, and why not? They go great with everything and there are boots out there to suit every taste and style. For autumn, think chelsea boots with a pair of skinny jeans or cowboy boots with a long dress. Add your new wide-brim hat and shacket, and youโ€™ve got the perfect fall look!


Think Deeper Autumn Colors

Whether youโ€™re purchasing jeans, boots, tops, or accessories, fall fashion is all about the color palette. From deep reds to browns and cream, your fall wardrobe might be a little toned-down in color, but add some aztec print into the mix, and youโ€™ve got yourself a winner. Shop our collections here at Miss Match for everything you need for this yearโ€™s transition to a fall wardrobe!