“Throw Back” Your Modern Wardrobe and Get Ready for Vintage

“Throw Back” Your Modern Wardrobe and Get Ready for Vintage

They were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and now retro and vintage prints are back! Retro print dresses, floral shirts, and other funky pieces can help you transform your wardrobe into a vintage treasure chest. Are you ready for retro?

Throw On Vintage Prints and Retro Fashion Styles!

Short sleeve floral wrap maxi dress

The psychedelic print fashion of the 60s and 70s is back with vintage trends you will see all through 2022. We’re not exaggerating; every big fashion house is rediscovering this long-forgotten trend, and you should too!

Here are the vintage-styled prints you should consider for your summer wardrobe!


Wide Leg Jumpsuit

If your style is chic yet playful, consider throwing on some boho prints and channeling your inner hippie. This combination of shapes and pastel tones is an excellent choice for dresses, shirts, and even jumpsuits.

You can check out our Tatiana Wide Leg Jumpsuit and Jane Boho Printed Maxi Dress. Remember to be playful with this bohemian style!

Groovy, Baby

Poppy Retro Mini Dress

Hop in your time machine because it’s time to get groovy! The 70s were all about psychedelic prints and colors, and those fun fashion options are now trendy again.

Bright colors and shapes make these prints perfect for showcasing your unique style. Since you’re sure to stand out, this fashion isn’t for the faint of heart!

If you want to see some options, you can check out our Poppy Retro Mini Dress or Topanga Floral Wrap Maxi Dress. Get ready to make an impression and turn heads!

Vintage Floral Prints

Doreen Knotted Mini Dress

Vintage fashion isn’t just about bright colors and weird shapes. If you’re more of a hippie, throw on some vintage floral prints!

Show off this style through dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and pants. You can play around with floral prints and natural colors to create a distinctive and memorable outfit.

At Miss Match, we have some eye-catching floral pieces like the Phoebe Mini Dress, the Doreen Knotted Mini Dress, and the Zara Side Cutout Romper. Flower power!

Retro Garden Florals

Julie Floral Wrap Mini Dress

The retro garden floral fashion is a chic take on floral prints and a more elegant and subtle choice. These prints are perfect for a beach party, a picnic, and even outdoor weddings. If you’ve got any parties planned this season, get ready to turn heads with chic floral prints.

If you want the perfect retro garden floral print, check out our Julie Floral Wrap Mini Dress or the Stella Printed Open Back Mini Dress. Pair your dress with vintage accessories, and you’ll be rocking the perfect retro party look.

70s Blouses and Flared Baggy Denim

Long Sleeve Blouse

Flared baggy denim and 70s blouses are a winning combination for almost every occasion. They are chic, elegant, and perfect for days out with friends and picnics.

Looking for one of these combos? Check out our Madison Printed Long Sleeve Blouse and Ultra Hi-Rise Jeans. Retire your skinny jeans and embrace the baggy!

Make Your Mark on Vintage Trends in 2022

Of course, it’s essential to make these trends your own. Consider combining retro prints with golden jewelry and nails to create a unique contrast for your wardrobe. You can add pastel eye shadows, like baby blue or pink, and some graphic colored liners to enhance the groovy style.

What about using headscarves and ribbon hair stylings to accentuate your fun-loving personality? These retro accessories elevate your vintage style, especially if you want to hit a concert this summer.

Throw on a pair of thong-style sandals or kitten heels, and you will turn heads everywhere you go. Remember that you can feel comfortable and be fashionable at the same time!

Find the Best 70s Fashion in 2022 with Miss Match

Are you looking for chic retro print outfits for this season? Look no further than Miss Match. We have a wide selection of retro print dresses, shirts, pants, and accessories for all wardrobes. Check out our New Arrivals Collection and find the perfect statement pieces!