Hue For You - Beige Magnets

Hue for You: Beige Magnets

Beige is far from boring! It’s the perfect neutral tone to create a blank canvas for bright accessories, create contrast with darker neutrals, or mix and match different shades for a sophisticated look.

So it’s no surprise that fashion is trending toward beige at the moment—but there’s a balance to be struck between chic and shabby when it comes to beige tones. So, here are some ideas for how to wear the trend in style.


6 Ways to Wear the Beige Fashion Trend

The beige fashion trend is less about accessories and more about wardrobe staples. So, which pieces should you pick up?



Combine two trends with a beige boyfriend blazer! This silhouette provides a casual way to wear beige while dressing up other items like a pair of jeans. It’s the perfect spring layer for your closet and can be thrown over almost any color of top and style of pants.

If you’re heading into the office or need a way to dress up something a little more casual, this is it. Keep it retro with some tortoiseshell buttons and look out for extra detail like a striped lining to make the blazer really pop.

Women's Beige Blazer


Sweater Top

There’s nothing more comfortable or comforting than a soft, slouchy sweater, whether you’re heading out for a stroll or don’t plan to leave the couch. Opting for a beige version is a great way to enjoy a cozy knit while maintaining an air of elegance. It’s also a great canvas for some glam jewelry like a big statement necklace or earrings. Try it in an almost-cream tone of beige over some ripped jeans to keep the look fresh and youthful.

Womens' Beige Sweater Top


Cutout Sweater

If you like the idea of a beige sweater but want something a bit more cutting-edge, why not try a cut-out sweater? You can go for a form-fitting sweater with long bubble sleeves and cutout turtleneck neckline. This look is a bit more daring, so you can easily opt for a darker shade of beige, too. Pair your cutout sweater with flared jeans or draped over a mini skirt and boots for a transitional spring ‘fit.

Women's Beige Cutout Sweater


High Rise Tan Trousers

The words “beige trousers” might bring some preppy chinos to mind, but there are tons of gorgeous ways to wear beige trousers. With this look, beige gains some seriously fashion forward momentum. Pick up a pair of trendy wide leg trousers in a creamy beige, the higher the waist the better. Pair them with a soft pink or white on top for a fresh spring aesthetic. You can even add wide leg trousers in a similar shade to go head to toe beige!

Women's Beige High Rise Tan Trousers


Sweater Vest

Channel your inner Chandler Bing with a sweater vest! But keep it beige to keep it classy. An oversized cable knit sweater vest with a comfortable turtleneck is the perfect spring top over your favorite skinny jeans or with wide leg pants. A cream sweater vest is a great way to soften a pair of black jeans or layer over a long-sleeved tee.

Women's Off White Knit Sweater Vest


Long-Sleeve Button Down

Every once in a while, you come across a piece that can be worn just about anywhere with just about anything. A cream, long-sleeve button-down shirt in a neutral beige is that item! Go for a lightweight fabric with a silky feel for a top that can be tucked in or hang out, depending on what you pair them with on the bottom.

Women's Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse Shirt


Shop the Beige Color Trend Today

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