How to Wear Statement Necklaces

How to Wear Statement Necklaces

Staple wardrobe items are absolutely essential. From the perfect pair of denim jeans to an all-rounder blazer, these are the building blocks of your signature looks. Yet what really takes your staples to the next level is the ability to change up the look with some killer accessories.

Statement necklaces can take a plain top or simple dress to a whole other level. But, since statement jewelry makes such a bold statement, they can also be a risky addition to your outfit. So how can you wear statement necklaces the right way and with the right outfit? Read on for some tips on what to pair with a women’s statement necklace to keep it stylish and classy.

With Graphic Tee

Most graphic tees will have a high neckline and a statement necklace layers over this perfectly. Take a look at your graphic tees and decide what type of statement necklace best complements the colors and graphic style on the t-shirt.

A silver bib necklace with an intricate pattern looks great with almost all graphic tees and stands out against any backdrop color on the tee. Big and chunky is generally best when it comes to graphic t-shirts too.

If you’re thinking about this from an overall outfit perspective, try dark denim skinny jeans, heeled boots, and a fitted white tee with black or gray graphics and a chunky, silver statement necklace layered over. Finish off the look with a black boyfriend blazer, and you’re good to go!

Kinsley Multi Layer Statement Necklace

Strapless Top

Strapless tops are a fantastic way to highlight your statement necklace as the focal point of your outfit. The lower neckline makes your skin the backdrop of the necklace, so you can go any way you like in terms of the color, style, and length of your statement necklace.

Try a delicate, multi-layered necklace or go for a big and chunky crystal look. The color of the statement necklace is likely going to depend on the color of your strapless top. The good news is that adding a few chunky necklaces to your collection can help you create entirely different looks using the same strapless top.

Taya Faux Stone Statement Necklace

Add Some Color

If the rest of your outfit is based on neutral tones, statement jewelry is the perfect opportunity to add a splash of bright colors. Add a statement necklace and clutch bag using the same color palettes to really tie your outfit together.

Not sure what colors to choose? The sky's the limit, but blue is always a great option. A nice deep turquoise complements neutral colors and contrasting tones equally well.

If you’re into boho chic, these types of statement jewelry items can add some extra boho flair to a maxi dress or floral top. Pair with some similar statement earrings and a bag matching the colors to really make a splash.

Dominique Turquoise Stone Statement Necklace

Square Neckline

Square necklines are all the rage this year, particularly in more structured tops and dresses. They provide a lovely silhouette and are perfectly suited to statement necklaces. The only thing you want to watch out for here is that the necklace length matches the height of your neckline.

More delicate, layered chains can easily drape right down over the neckline. Bigger, chunkier necklaces should sit above the beginning of the square neckline so you can show it off properly. Try a white, puff-sleeved crop top over a pair of light-colored high-waisted jeans and heels. Top that off with a statement necklace and a wide brim hat for the ideal smart-casual outfit.

statement necklace with stones

Contrast Design/Prints

When you’re thinking about wearing a statement necklace, it can be tempting to keep it super basic with the rest of your outfit. While this definitely constitutes playing it safe, where’s the fun in that? Statement necklaces are all about being bold!

Carefully paired contrasting colors and prints can help your whole outfit stand out, not just the jewelry. The trick is to pick tops or dresses and statement necklaces that only appear to contrast at first glance. Choose a common element, such as a color that’s common to both the top and the necklace. Another way to do it would be to select a top or dress and necklace that are similar in style but highly contrasted in terms of colors or patterns.

For example, take a necklace with pale or pastel colors. Select a top of dress with a bold pattern that contains that color or another color that closely matches it to create the perfect contrast.

Sierra White Stone Statement Necklace

Get the Perfect Statement Necklaces for Your Wardrobe

Whether you like to rock the boho look or favor a darker, edgier style, statement necklaces can help tie your outfit together and put your unique signature on it. At Miss Match, we love a bold fashion statement, and we’ve got the statement necklace collection to prove it. Shop for your perfect statement necklaces online today at Miss Match!