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Fall in Love with These Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

Winter is on the way, but that doesn’t mean your outfits have to be drab. Even though we’re saying goodbye to summer sleeveless tops, it’s time for cute sweaters, comfy pants, and long boots. Are you ready to fall in love with these fall fashion trends?

2022 Style Trends: Fall Colors and Clothes!

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With the summer already gone, it’s time to start planning your wardrobe for fall and winter. Like with every season, dozens, if not hundreds, of color and clothing combinations are ready for you to try!

Fall Colors 2022

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The right colors will make or break your fall wardrobe. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fall shades. Still, mixing and matching seasonal colors can help your outfits look cohesive and cute throughout fall and winter!

These are the fall color trends for 2022:

  • Cool-toned prints: Cool tones are essential for fall. They can get you in the mood for the season while showing off your best features. Our Davina Strapless Jumpsuit, for instance, is an excellent example of a cute yet chic fall outfit.
  • Shades of brown: Brown is another classic color for fall. Use it in dresses, boots, and hats, as in our Harley Mini Dress!
  • Orange: Orange is not just the new black. This color is about feeling alive and comfortable, making it the perfect option for sweaters and even burnt orange long dress Check out our Brittany Mock Neck Sweater or Lydia Sleeveless Blouse for cute fall inspiration.
  • Gray and beige: If you’re a little more serious or professional, shades of gray and beige are excellent allies. You can mix and match them easily with tops, like our Carol Buttoned Blouse!

Must-Have Trendy Items

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Now that you know which colors to consider, it’s time to explore some of the hottest fall trends. These pieces can create a look everyone will be jealous of, whether you’re planning a fall picnic, a cute office outfit, or a night out with friends.

There are the items you need to add to your 2022 fall wardrobe:

  • Statement jackets: Statement jackets are essential for fall wardrobes. Any crop top or dress can be repurposed into a fall item when combined with one of these jackets. Check out our Fringe Faux Jacket for a show-stopping look.
  • Matching suits: Matching suits are ideal if you want something to wear to the office that will still look cute at after-work drinks. With the right colors, these suits can become your go-to fall outfits!
  • MIDI and MAXI dress: Dresses are not just for summer or spring. If you want to wear a MIDI blue dress this fall, combine it with a blazer or a jean jacket to enhance the overall look.
  • Basic layers: Shirts and crop tops are essential to a perfect fall wardrobe. Check out our front-buttoned shirts and sleeveless crop tops to fill your closet!

Fall Accessories and Trends to Consider

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After choosing clothing and colors for your fall wardrobe, it’s time to kick things up a notch with statement accessories! Throw on a few of these items to create an eye-catching look that will turn heads everywhere you go:

  • Excessive layering: One of the season’s biggest trends is adding multiple layers to your outfit. The more layers, the warmer you’ll be, and the more options you have to combine! Why not throw a long-sleeved shirt dress on top of a crop top to welcome the cooler weather?
  • Statement hats: A statement hat is the perfect way to style your fall outfit. Its boho look and unique feel can show off your personality while protecting you against the elements. Check out our Cecily Boho Fedora Hat for the perfect statement piece.
  • Pearl necklaces: Pearl necklaces might sound like a cliche, but they are popular for a reason. Adding pearl necklaces to your wardrobe is a must if you prefer a glamorous look with a healthy dose of femininity.
  • A watch: Watches are some of the most popular accessories for men and women. The right watch will match all your outfits. Or, you can use multiple watches to style various looks.

Fall Fashion Tips

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Fall is about comfort and style. So, the clothes and accessories you choose should represent that while being an extension of your personality.

Here are some tips for 2022 fall styling:

  • Get yourself a go-to fall outerwear piece. It can be a jacket, a flannel shirt, a trench coat, or anything that can provide comfort and warmth.
  • Fall is all about statement shoes. There’s no better time to wear boots than fall, making it one of our favorite seasons. Raise your hand if you also love long dresses with boots! Otherwise, why not throw on some loafers or tiny mule heels with long socks or knee-high tights? So cute!

Find the Perfect Fall 2022 Fashion Trends with Miss Match!

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