Cardigan Chic

Cardigan Chic

One of the must-have items for your wardrobe is a cardigan. This versatile piece of clothing can help you dress up casual outfits or even dress down sexy mini dresses. Whether you’re aiming for an edgy, classic, or preppy aesthetic, a cardigan can complete your look.

The good news is that there’s no better place to find a cute cardigan than at Miss Match. Read on to learn how to style a cardigan!

How to Wear a Long Cardigan (Best Styling Tips)

If you are wondering how to style a long cardigan, you’ve come to the right place. Take note of these styling tips for outfits with long sweaters for this year’s fall fashion:

Cardigan Casual

Drop shoulder open front cardigan taupe

Combining your cardigan with jeans and a blouse is a classic and casual option. White blouses and neutral cardigans are a classic, but you can go full color if that’s more your style.

Alternatively, why not play around with a turtleneck, skirt, and cardigan? Mixing colors and textures can quickly elevate your look and help you stand out from the cardigan crowd.

Casual to a Tee

Notched collar pocketed cardigan black

Casual t-shirts are great for many outfits, but they can sometimes feel too casual. If you add a long cardigan to the mix, you can quickly dress up that casual tee you love. Combine it with jeans or black pants, and you have a reliable outfit for college or even work.

Get the White Look

Sophia fringe hem oversized long cardigan cream

An all-white outfit can be truly unique and chic. For instance, why not throw on an oversized white cardigan, white pants, a white blouse, statement shoes, and even a hat? You can even use slightly different shades of white to create an interesting aesthetic.

Sexy Cardigan Vibes

Cardigan cream

We think that cardigans get a bad rap. As much as we love grandma chic, cardigans can also be totally sexy!

Throw on a crop top (or even no top!) underneath your cardigan, and do up just a button or two. Add your sexiest high-rise jeans and high heels to create some length. Then, add a layered necklace to make a focal point and complete the sultry aesthetic.

Time to Accessorize

Knitted cardigan brown

The right accessories can enhance your outfit and make your look stand out. Cardigans mix perfectly with booties, especially if you can match the colors. They can also pop with chunky belts and boho hats.

Watches and rings might sound like overkill for a long cardigan. Still, they can complete your look, especially when you’re rocking your cardigan at work or a job interview.

Best Long Cardigan Outfits for This Season

Notched collar pocketed cardigan khaki

By opting for a versatile cardigan, you can rock different looks and aesthetics while staying warm during the colder months.

Here are some of the best cardigans in our collection:

  • Sophia Oversized Cardigan: The Sophia Cardigan is an oversized option with a casual yet elegant silhouette. It has an open front design with long sleeves and oversized pockets. It pairs perfectly with fall dresses or a jeans and blouse match.
  • Flora Open Front Cardigan: The Flora Cardigan is an open front option with a more classic feel. It’s cozy, cute, chic, and perfect for different occasions, from a summer night concert to a fall picnic. Not to mention it’s super versatile, allowing you to use it with almost any outfit.
  • Alexis Coat Cardigan: The Alexis Coat Cardigan is a perfect option for those cool weather days. This cozy and elegant cardigan coat pairs easily with blouses, graphic tees, denim pants, or trousers. Just add a pair of boots to complete your look. You’ll thank us later.
  • Monica Pocket Cardigan: The Monica Cardigan is a classic black option that combines elegance and a chic design. It’s perfect for work, college, or any other situation that requires a bit of a dress-up. Wear it with a high-neck top and some simple pants, and you’ll have a killer but comfy outfit.

Find the Best Cardigan Outfits at Miss Match!

Notched collar pocketed cardigan grey

Are you looking for a stylish long cardigan outfit? Then the fashion experts at Miss Match have got you covered.

We have the perfect cardigans to complement any style, from boho to chic. Plus, all our cardigans are designed for maximum warmth and comfort. Check out our Cardigan Collection and find the right one for you!