Belles of the Fall - What to Wear

Belles of the Fall: What to Wear

Fall is a truly magical time of year. The weather starts to turn, leaves go from green to rich, earthy colors, the air is a little crisper, and Starbucks finally brings back the pumpkin-spice latte.

Yet your favorite latte isn’t the only pumpkin-themed activity common in the fall. For many of us, heading to a pumpkin patch is also a classic way to mark the season, and it’s one of the most Instagrammable places you could possibly find.

So, what should you wear to a pumpkin patch outing to capture the perfect mood and the perfect fall photos?

Belles of the Fall - Women's Fall Collection

Fall Colors

The time for bright florals and pastels is gone. Your pumpkin picking look should get you in the autumn mood with lots of deep reds and oranges or some classic earth tones. For example, think khaki for greens rather than a bright emerald.

From your jeans to your tops and accessories, the fall theme at the pumpkin patch means dark, rich colors.

Keep It Cozy (if You Can)

Weather permitting, load up on the layers and add favorite fall cozy knits to your look. An aztec-printed shacket or a soft, long cardigan would be the perfect outerwear for a trip to the pumpkin patch. Even if the sun is holding strong and you end up taking it off, cozy outerwear is the perfect finishing touch to a fall outfit.

Womens Aztec Printed Shacket


Plaid shirts are a fall classic, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Add an open plaid shirt over a white tank or try a plaid print on your outerwear to keep it autumnal. You can mix it up from the classic red and blue prints, too, and go for creams and browns.

If you’re not a fan of wearing plaid in your core pieces, try incorporating it into the look through your accessories like a scarf or bag instead.


Skinny jeans are a great base for your fall outfit. Around this time of year, stick to dark blues and blacks in your denim bottoms. If you’re wearing a maxi dress and boots, a light colored denim jacket can work wonders for adding that fall feel.

Womens Denim Skinny Jeans with Fringe Western Jacket


Like all seasons, your accessories can make or break any outfit. When it comes to the fall season, accessories are less about straw hats and sunglasses and more about pulling out the scarves and tights. Adding a wide-brim hat and a plaid scarf to your outfit will create the perfect look for your pumpkin patch visit.

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